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December 2016 Design Public Hearing Materials




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The exhibits for the December 2016 Design Public Hearings are below.


File Size

Project Location Map 1 MB
Design Public Hearing Plans (6 Sheets) 27 MB
Landscape Plans (6 Sheets) 39 MB

Typical Sections

  • Great Falls Street to Patrick Henry Drive
  • Patrick Henry Drive to N. Harrison Street
  • N. Harrison Street to N. George Mason Drive (Exit 71)
10 MB

W&OD Trail Conceptual Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge Over U.S. 29 (Lee Highway)

W&OD Trail Conceptual Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge Over U.S. 29 (Lee Highway) - Plan View

8 MB

8 MB

Bon Air Park Landscape Concept Plan & Noise Barrier Typical Planting Concept 17 MB
Traffic Exhibits 2 MB

General Exhibits

  • Purpose and Need
  • Environmental Assessment Findings
  • Schedule
  • Timeline
  • Noise Analysis Process
3 MB