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May 2017 Meeting Materials



Comment Sheet - Submit comments by May 18, 2017

The exhibits for the May 2017 Public Meeting are below.


File Size

Revised Alignment 17 MB
Design Constraints 238 KB
View North on Lee Highway with Sound Wall 3 MB
View North on Lee Highway without Sound Wall 3 MB
Lee Highway Northbound View 1.6 MB
View South on Lee Highway 2.7 MB
View at West Abutment Looking North 4 MB
View West at East Abutment 3.8 MB
Northwest Crosswalk View with Sound Wall 1.5 MB
Northwest Crosswalk View without Sound Wall 1.5 MB
Southwest Crosswalk View 1.8 MB
View West From Fire Lane (Fairfax Drive) 3 MB
Eastbound Deck View 2 MB
Westbound Deck View 1 MB
View at Relocated Shelters 4 MB
Design Elements - Other Lighting Options Pending Maintenance Agreement 2 MB
Landscape Concept Plan 4 MB